Getting a puppy is incredibly exciting. However, there are lots of things that you need before your new furry family member arrives. Below, you can find some of the top things all new puppy owners need.

How to Prepare for a Puppy: The Ultimate Checklist

#1 Collar
Collars come in all shapes and sizes including:
• Traditional buckle — Akin to a human belt buckle and works well for dogs who wear them all the time.
• Quick-release buckle — Releases quickly if the collar becomes caught on something to prevent strangulation.
• Safety ring — Have an O-shaped ring built into the collar that prevents choking if they become stuck on something.
• Harness — For pups with delicate necks or strong dogs.
• Martingale — For dogs who need training for pulling.
They also come in a variety of colors and materials so you can personalize them to your heart’s content.

#2 Leash
Like collars, leashes come in all shapes and sizes. Your vet can advise which one is best for your puppy but listed below are some of our favorites:

• Classic leash — PetSafe Nylon Leash
• Retractable leash — Flexi Tape Leash
• For chewers — Extra Heavy Duty Dog Leash
• For pullers — EzyDog Zero Shock Leash

#3 Toys
Interactive toys engage and entertain your fluffy friend while providing mental and physical stimulation with your supervision. These toys include everything from ball launchers to treat balls. As long as they are the appropriate size for your pooch, he/she will have endless fun.
All-access toys, on the other hand, are simple, sometimes squeaky toys that typically keep your dog feeling safe and secure while you’re doing other things.

#4 Treats
You must be careful about the type of treats you give your pup. However, they are a fantastic training aid if your dog is food-focused. Your best course of action is to speak to your vet. They will advise which treats are best for your pup’s breed.

#5 Bed and Crate
The biggest factor to consider when buying a dog bed/crate is to ensure it’s big enough. They should be able to lie down comfortably in their natural positions.
Depending on the climate, you should consider the material and shape as some dogs may become too hot in box beds or other cozier types.

#6 Food and Water Bowls
Again, ensuring the bowls are big enough for your pooch is essential here. You should also consider whether you want to use plastic, ceramic, or metal bowls.

#7 Complete Puppy Food
Make sure you purchase complete puppy food appropriate to the breed and weight of your pooch. If you’re unsure, ask your vet before buying.

#8 Training Plan
This is to ensure that all family members stick to the same rules and reward system. Positive reward-based training always works best.

#9 House Line
A house line is a leash without a handle that is generally about 6 feet long. It’s used in the house to help stop unwanted behavior, prevent bad behavior, and teach good manners.

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